Allegheny River Sponsor Spotlight – Libsyn

It is exciting times to be part of the Pittsburgh WordPress community as we look forward to the first-ever WordCamp Pittsburgh! Presenting WordCamp Pittsburgh would not be possible without the generous support of our Sponsors.

In the weeks leading up to the inaugural WordCamp Pittsburgh we will be introducing our wonderful sponsors so that you may know, and support, the fine folks who are making this historic occasion a reality.

The next Sponsor that we would like to thank and to present to you is Pittsburgh’s own Libsyn, sponsoring at the Allegheny River level.


Libsyn was on the forefront of the podcast trend when it was founded in 2004, launching the first Podcast Service Provider (Host), offering storage, bandwidth and RSS creation tools. Today, Libsyn is a worldwide leader of podcast hosting, distribution and monetization. Hosting over 28,000 podcast shows, Libsyn delivered 3.3 billion podcast requests to audiences worldwide in 2015. The Libsyn brand has built a reputation for reliable service, world-class podcast statistics and exceptional customer service. This has allowed Libsyn to grow into one of the market leaders in the industry.

Twitter: @libsyn
Facebook: libsyn – liberated syndication

Thank you again, Libsyn, for making the first-ever WordCamp Pittsburgh a reality!